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All About Mixing That Icing

This past week I ordered a number of new cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Kingdom. I'm so excited and there are so many new sets in the works. I love them all, but I absolutely had to play with the icing bag and Kitchen Aid mixer cutters first. I spend just about every day mixing icing and it was fun to decorate these.

It dawned me that it would be amazing if Kitchen Aid created polka dot bowls - I mean really, how adorable would that be? Until they listen to my pleas, I can create them on cookies. What is your favorite polka dot color combination? I think I may have to ice some with other patterns on the bowl.

Materials you will need:
  1. Red flood icing
  2. White flood icing
  3. Grey flood icing.

I used tipless piping bags for all of the icings. The polka dots are created with the wet-on-wet technique. Want a visual of how I created them? Click on the video below for a fun video.

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    1. It's the same recipe - I use a spray gun of water. I do a couple squirts and gently stir for a bit, then test it. I like what is called "10 second" consistency. So basically I pull the icing back with a knife, it should melt back together in the time of 10 seconds. Hope that helps!


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