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Mother's Day Cookie Sets

Mother's Day is around the corner and unfortunately (or fortunately) I am already booked and not offering any sets for sale in my Etsy store. However, it is impossible for me to not create some fun sets for a holiday. I mean, come on, I make cookies for National Pancake Day. 

And I love the traditional Mother's Day cookies that are out there; lots of mason jars, flowers and hearts. But some of us Mommas like other things too. I made the set above for the Momma's that love a little ink on their skin. It's a sweet cookie set with a nod to the iconic tattoo style.

My yarn and sewing cookies have been such a hit, I wondered if there were some other crafting themes I could incorporate. And then I remembered LilaLoa's burlap tutorial and wondered if on a bigger scale, if it might look like a linen weave. 

I think it turned out so sweet in this rustic embroidery style! My frosting is a bit too loose - you want piping consistency to maintain the definition. But for my first try, I was pretty happy.

Here is the finished set with an embroidered satin flower with french knots in the middle and another rustic embroidered sampler. I just think these are so fun and I can't wait to try another in the embroidered style.

Want to see the embroidered Mom cookie created on video? Click the video and subscribe to see all my tutorials!

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