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Gingerbread in Kraft Boxes tied in Peppermint Twine..

Truly, is there anything better than the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread during the holidays? I have absolutely fallen in love with making the gingerbread ornaments with a snow white icing. 

I've had them at my shows all this month and they have been so well loved. There is something about the combination that seems to delight the heart.

From bells to houses and Russian nesting dolls, I can not stop making them. This past weekend, I had a booth at Park Silly Holiday and I worked on them the entire time.

While many comment on what appears to be a product of patience, for me it truly has become meditative and comforting.

And I can't fathom putting these away at the end of the season. So you and I are going to have to make Valentine gingerbread decor a new trend ok? Hope you hop on board!


Happy Thanksgiving

The news is so full of things that make my heart ache. Our time here is so short and there is so much beauty, I can not understand how there is any time in the day for hate.

Let me tell you that I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. 
A break from work and refocusing on family.
A day of my most favorite foods.
A day when the six cousins will run up and down the halls hollering and shouting with glee.
3 days of fun, little sleep and new memories.
I am thankful for so many things.

I'm so thankful to you! I've been in business for a short four months and it's been crazy! I have loved every fast paced minute and can't wait for 2016.

I hope you have many things on your gratitude list.
I hope you will be in the company of those you love.
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


So Blessed - Cookie Garland

My Mum's birthday is just around the corner, but we celebrated early this week. I wanted her cookies to be something extraordinary, something new. I knew that my Mum wouldn't want to eat them either. So what to do?

A good friend of mine had emailed me pictures of a Christmas cookie garland and it planted a seed. I wanted to create a garland of what is most precious to her - her grandbabies.

I created the royal icing transfers by placing profile pictures under parchment paper. They are a bit tricky, but I just love how they came out. I do recommend making more than one as they are prone to cracks and breaking.

Here they are all ready for just a touch of extra decoration. It's funny how similar my brother's family is to ours. We each have 3 kids - 2 girls and 1 boy. Both of our eldest are girls with longs braids and our other daughters each have wild, curly hair. And our boys are just sweet, crazy little men.

Here it is. I love it. She loves it.
And there are a million things I would do different, but she won't let me redo it.
Sigh. A mother's love.


Woodland Fever

On a recent trip, my Mum bought me some new woodland shaped cookie cutters. It's been a bit busy, but I finally had a moment to play with them. And oh man, I am in love! I know the woodland theme is not new, but there is something about it that just calls to you. Maybe it's the lure of the woods..

Then I had to try some bright new colors - I love these! How fun for a spunky little birthday party?

When it came time to do the acorns, I had to make them French. I had to, people! All I could see was little french berets.. Sigh. Kawaii French acorns.

And a field of sunflower cookie pops! Because our Utah hall is too short..

Woodland Fever!

My Matryoshka!

A local artist recently emailed me and placed an order for a few dozen matryoshka cookies for her daughter's first birthday. She sent me an email with the designs she created for the invite and I couldn't wait to dive in to cookiefying them.

How to cut the cookie? I used a snowman and snipped the hat off using the round bottom. Perfect shape! I later found an "8" cutter in my stash that would have been equally awesome.

The fun palette - I love how cheery these colors are. So vibrant and perfect for an adorable birthday girl.

So many tiny dots on all their head coverings.

I love the fun details - delicate, heart lips and bright, big eyes.

I adore these little dolls and hope it was the sweetest of first birthdays!


Happy Halloween!

Sweet Jenny Belle - Halloween Cookies

I have a friend that has done some amazing generous things for me and I really wanted to say thank you. And how do I say thank you? With cookies of course! She has the most adorable little boys that she loves to the moon and back. I thought it would be fun to cookiefy them in their Halloween costumes. What were they going to be? Batman? Vampire? TMNT? 

A vampire squid and head on a plate.
Wait, what?

For a minute I contemplated taking the easy way out and making some generic cookies. Just for a minute and then I dove into this challenge!

Where to start? Well I used a gingerbread boy as a base idea and then Frankensteined it. I use a very sharp knife and added in the extra parts. If your pieces are not smoothed together, don't fret - in the baking process it becomes a solid cookie. 

 The vampire squid was the easiest for me to envision and I usually work my way up. Is that smart or lazy? I'm not sure.. But I do know that I love this little squid shape!

Now when it was time to do the Head On A Plate, I started kicking myself. It dawned on me that he probably wouldn't just be walking around with his on a plate, right? He's probably going to have a table on his shoulders and I didn't cut that out.

So what to do, what to do?

And then my cookie mistake was perfect! I used wafer paper gently accordion folded to be the tablecloth. This is so much better in person and was a fantastic challenge.

Here's the whole set! Happy Halloween to you and your wee goblins!


Arizona Dan

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

My husband is behind in his birthday gifts to his parents and this has been causing him crazy stress. He remembers every night and searches for gifts online and finds nothing. I'm still not sure if he has bought something. But you know what everyone loves? They love cookies, they love being thought of and knowing that someone cares.

So odds are that this year, if we exchange gifts, you will receive cookies. They maybe belated (sorry Dan!) but they will be created with love and they will be delicious.

These are Dan's cookies.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

Some facts about Dan: he lives in the desert and loves it. He is a retired police officer and is now a cattle rancher. Dan loves beer, Coors Light to be specific. And for as long as I have known him, Dan has a mustache.

I think these cookies are on target.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

"I only work with black, and sometimes very dark grey" - Batman (Lego movie)
Odd reference, but this in-process frosting picture makes me think of it, lol..

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

I mustache you if you prefer chocolate sprinkles!
How fun are these? I like the "hairy" mustaches as much as the smooth ones.
They both look delicious.. Mmm.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

OK, I know these are controversial and I'm not a gun toting cookie maker. My husband comes from a police and hunting family. I can completely understand that some of you may have feathers ruffled, but please keep it in context. I made them to honor his long service protecting the public as a police officer.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

And Dan's favorite - Coor's Light. Sigh. One day we may convert him to micro beers.. yeah, no, probably not.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

I adore these little cacti and skull - pretty much the AZ desert in cookie form.

Arizona Desert / Beer /Guns Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle

I hope my father-in-law loves diving into these. I hope some of these inspire you!
And if you would like a custom order, just send me an email <3

Paint - Your - Own Halloween Cookies


What would make a child happier than a cookie? A cookie that they can paint! Paint Your Own Cookies are all the rage right now in the cookie world and I couldn't wait to put my spin on it.

Cookies are all completely edible and delicious. Kids can paint the cookies by using a fresh paintbrush and just a bit of water. After I created these testers, I let my sweet babies try them out.

Aw, his sweet little chubby toddler hand just kills me with the sweetness.

So easy that my 2 year old can do it, though he looks like he thinks he's being naughty - doesn't he?

My Wild Child had so much fun, but was mostly eager to eat it!

And my beautiful eldest baby took her time and was so excited!

Are these the most fun cookies, or what? I'm taking a limited amount of orders for Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. I have these 4 designs and I'm more than happy to accommodate other requests as time allows. They are $3 - individually wrapped and packaged with a new paintbrush. I did these in my favorite harvest spice, but you can choose any of my cookie flavors. If this is your first order, check out my instructions here.

Me Oh My - Give Me Some Pie!

A few years ago, one of my New Year's resolutions was to learn how to make amazing pie crusts from scratch. It's not that the Pillsbury dough is bad - it's not and I still use it in an absolute pinch. It's that it shouldn't be a mystery, there should be a fabulous recipe and I should be able to make it and love it. Or at least that's how my brain works. Cooking is science in its most delicious form.

I didn't achieve my goal that year, but at the time I would only consider butter based crusts. And if you ask me, I think those taste the best. However, I understand the science of why butter based pie crusts are difficult to achieve perfectly all the time. 

When I opened the bakery, I knew I was going to have to conquer this issue and quick. I found this bulk pie crust recipe on Pinterest at Six Figures Under. Yes, it is a shortening based pie crust. I was afraid to try it because it makes 20 crusts at once and what it they all stunk? What if it was awful?
It's awesome!

I've lost track how many times that I've made this now - I make a lot of pies for shows. It is absolutely perfect for sweet or savory pie.

So if perfect pie crusts is on your list - try this one and tell me how you like it!

Itty Bitty Halloween Cookie Cupcake Toppers

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle

Everything is just cuter when they are mini, don't you think? Mini cookies are the perfect size to top cupcakes and add a little more fun. You can simply place them on top of the cupcakes or you could insert a toothpick into the cut dough before you bake.

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle

I had planned on just making little skeleton head cookie cupcake toppers, but once I started playing with the cutter - I saw so many more options. I love getting more mileage out of my cutters!

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle
These little pumpkin pail cookies were inspired by the amazing Sweet Sugarbelle. I love the nostalgia of it and makes me so excited for Halloween!

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle

These super spooky mummies are a miniature and simplified version of Arty McGoo's October cookie in McGoo University. I love learning new ideas and using them on my cookies! So many creative cookiers out there.

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle

Ah, I love this picture! So creepy and delicious - perfect for the older goblin in your home.

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle
Frankie says, "Relax!" These adorable Frankensteins will have the wee ones roaring as they gobble down their treat.

Mini Halloween - Cookie Cupcake Toppers - Sweet Jenny Belle

And the mini ghost was hands down the favorite in our home. Maybe it was his cute little smile?

Break out those mini cutters, look at them in a new way and top those delicious cupcakes!
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