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Mother's Day Cookie Sets

Mother's Day is around the corner and unfortunately (or fortunately) I am already booked and not offering any sets for sale in my Etsy store. However, it is impossible for me to not create some fun sets for a holiday. I mean, come on, I make cookies for National Pancake Day. 

And I love the traditional Mother's Day cookies that are out there; lots of mason jars, flowers and hearts. But some of us Mommas like other things too. I made the set above for the Momma's that love a little ink on their skin. It's a sweet cookie set with a nod to the iconic tattoo style.

My yarn and sewing cookies have been such a hit, I wondered if there were some other crafting themes I could incorporate. And then I remembered LilaLoa's burlap tutorial and wondered if on a bigger scale, if it might look like a linen weave. 

I think it turned out so sweet in this rustic embroidery style! My frosting is a bit too loose - you want piping consistency to maintain the definition. But for my first try, I was pretty happy.

Here is the finished set with an embroidered satin flower with french knots in the middle and another rustic embroidered sampler. I just think these are so fun and I can't wait to try another in the embroidered style.

Want to see the embroidered Mom cookie created on video? Click the video and subscribe to see all my tutorials!

The Perfect Golf Cookies

Sweet Jenny Belle - Golf Cookies

This past week, I had a new client order 2 dozen golf themed cookies for an event. Usually I try to think of something out of the box and innovative, but I knew I had seen some amazing cookies on my Pinterest board. Sure enough, when I went back, I found these designs. Both were featured on Sweet Sugarbelle's blog, but one was a guest post. These are so adorable that I thought it best to not try to reinvent the wheel and went with them. Aren't they so cute?

Are you on Periscope? I try to jump on once a week and try a new cookie design out. Earlier this week, I tried a live tutorial on there of these golf cookies. You can see the clip here:

It's amazing to me the immediate shading and depth of the golf ball with that wet-on-wet technique! I think I want to experiment again and maybe try dropping a large white sugar ball down and give it some depth. It may not work, but who knows - it could be awesome!

golf cookies - sweet jenny belle

I loved creating these golf cookies and can't wait for the chance to make them again!

golf cookies - sweet jenny belle

Floral Communion Cross Cookie Tutorial

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

My eldest daughter is celebrating her First Holy Communion next month. I'm already planning the cookie favors and cake. I think these floral crosses would also be perfect for Easter or a baby's baptism. They are pretty easy and beautiful!

Need a royal icing recipe? Come check my post here.

What you will need:
Cross cookie cutter - mine was purchased from Kaleida Cuts on Etsy
White - flood consistency - no tip
Pink - soft piping consistency - no tip
Peach - soft piping consistency - no tip
Lilac - soft piping consistency - no tip
Sage  soft piping consistency - PME tip 00
Wilton vintage sugar balls (I purchased mine at Michael's)

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

The first thing you will need to do is flood the cross cookie in white. You can either let it dry overnight or pop them in a dehydrator for 10 minutes at 90 degrees.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

Next, pipe a loopy cross in soft pink with no tip. You can see the pattern in my pictures or watch the YouTube video at the end of the post.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

Then you will squeeze just a couple large dots in the center of the cross in soft pink; leave some room for the colors.
Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

Then add a few more large dots with peach icing.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

Finally, finish up the "flowers" with a few lilac dots.
Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

I used a PME tip 0 with my green icing because the consistency was a bit loose and I wanted more control. If you have a stiffer icing, then you can do this with no tip.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

I added a few leaves and lines of sage green to the outside of the bouquet.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

Before your icing dots dry completely, place a few sugar balls around the bouquet. You could place them with tweezers. I didn't have a pair of tweezers, so I dipped a cookie paintbrush in icing to "grab" the sugar ball and place it where you like,

Sweet Jenny Belle - Communion Cookie Tutorial

And that's it - really, pretty simple, but they are so pretty. You could place them on a nice tray for dessert at the reception or place them in cello bags with ribbon for a sweet favor.

Want it to see the cookies created in action? Click on my video link below.

Thank you!

My Favorite Royal Icing

Sweet Jenny Belle - Video - Royal Icing Recipe

I've had several emails and requests on Instagram for my royal icing recipe. It is not a secret, I'm so happy to share it with you! Please try it on a day when you are not doing cookies for a special occasion or pressed for time. In my opinion, your icing is the key to a successful art cookie and you need time to learn how to use it. In my circle of cookie artist friends, we all use a different recipe - so experiment and find what works for you.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Video - Royal Icing Recipe

I do not baby my icing, I just don't and I have never had issues with it, but again - find what works for you.

First I measure out 2 pounds of powder sugar. Yes, you need a scale. Baking is a science and you need exact measurements for a successful result. Please buy a scale, you will find that you use it all the time and you are happier with your recipes!

Sweet Jenny Belle - Video - Royal Icing Recipe

Next add 5 tablespoons of meringue powder to the powder. I use Wilton powder and love it. I've used it for years and always have great results.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Video - Royal Icing Recipe

I add a dash or two of clear Wilton vanilla extract. How much to use is up to you and your taste preference. You can always add more, so add it slow.

Sweet Jenny Belle - Video - Royal Icing Recipe

Lastly add a scant cup of warm water - just almost to the 1 cup mark, but not quite. 

Then mix it all together on slow for 10 minutes. Your icing will be thick, thick and should hold a peak. This is not your final icing unless you are doing stiff roses. If you need piping and/or flood icing, you will need a spray bottle of water. Spray the icing and stir gently until you reach your desired consistency. This is the KEY to your cookies - don't rush this or you will have a very frustrating time decorating.

Want a video of the icing recipe? Come on over!

Royal Icing Recipe


  •  2 pounds of powder sugar
  •  5 Tbsp. of meringue powder
  •  dash of clear vanilla
  •  scant 1 cup of warm water


  1. Place all ingredients into a mixer and whip on slow for 10 minutes.
  2. Keep finished icing covered with saran wrap or damp kitchen towel.
  3. Leftover icing can be frozen and used for later

SNAP for Boye Yarn

Sweet Jenny Belle - sugar cookies - boye yarn - snap conference 2016

This past weekend I was commissioned by the amazing yarn company, Boye, to create custom cookie favors for their booth at the SNAP blogger conference. Isn't their booth simply adorable? I think it was the belle of the ball! I love that red bike and it was so fun to see the cookies in the basket.

I made yarn balls in assorted colors. These are quite easy to make and when placed all together, they are so gorgeous. I think they are a perfect cookie for a yarn lover!

Sweet Jenny Belle - sugar cookies - boye yarn - snap conference 2016

There were dozens of cookies that looked like the Boye yarn flower that they demonstrated at the booth. How bright and cheerful are these?

Sweet Jenny Belle - sugar cookies - boye yarn - snap conference 2016

And well, these granny squares are my favorite! I would love to create a table display with dozens of these sweet cookies.
Sweet Jenny Belle - sugar cookies - boye yarn - snap conference 2016

Do you want to watch a video of me creating one of these granny squares? Of course!!


I think the crowd favorite though, were these matching red bicycle cookies. I need to make a whole set of these!

Thank you Boye! I had a blast at SNAP and learned so much. If you are interested in how to shape up your blog, you need to attend the next SNAP conference in 2017. So many wonderful classes and friends to make.
Sweet Jenny Belle - sugar cookies - boye yarn - snap conference 2016

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