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The Perfect Golf Cookies

Sweet Jenny Belle - Golf Cookies

This past week, I had a new client order 2 dozen golf themed cookies for an event. Usually I try to think of something out of the box and innovative, but I knew I had seen some amazing cookies on my Pinterest board. Sure enough, when I went back, I found these designs. Both were featured on Sweet Sugarbelle's blog, but one was a guest post. These are so adorable that I thought it best to not try to reinvent the wheel and went with them. Aren't they so cute?

Are you on Periscope? I try to jump on once a week and try a new cookie design out. Earlier this week, I tried a live tutorial on there of these golf cookies. You can see the clip here:

It's amazing to me the immediate shading and depth of the golf ball with that wet-on-wet technique! I think I want to experiment again and maybe try dropping a large white sugar ball down and give it some depth. It may not work, but who knows - it could be awesome!

golf cookies - sweet jenny belle

I loved creating these golf cookies and can't wait for the chance to make them again!

golf cookies - sweet jenny belle

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