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Happy Thanksgiving

The news is so full of things that make my heart ache. Our time here is so short and there is so much beauty, I can not understand how there is any time in the day for hate.

Let me tell you that I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. 
A break from work and refocusing on family.
A day of my most favorite foods.
A day when the six cousins will run up and down the halls hollering and shouting with glee.
3 days of fun, little sleep and new memories.
I am thankful for so many things.

I'm so thankful to you! I've been in business for a short four months and it's been crazy! I have loved every fast paced minute and can't wait for 2016.

I hope you have many things on your gratitude list.
I hope you will be in the company of those you love.
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


So Blessed - Cookie Garland

My Mum's birthday is just around the corner, but we celebrated early this week. I wanted her cookies to be something extraordinary, something new. I knew that my Mum wouldn't want to eat them either. So what to do?

A good friend of mine had emailed me pictures of a Christmas cookie garland and it planted a seed. I wanted to create a garland of what is most precious to her - her grandbabies.

I created the royal icing transfers by placing profile pictures under parchment paper. They are a bit tricky, but I just love how they came out. I do recommend making more than one as they are prone to cracks and breaking.

Here they are all ready for just a touch of extra decoration. It's funny how similar my brother's family is to ours. We each have 3 kids - 2 girls and 1 boy. Both of our eldest are girls with longs braids and our other daughters each have wild, curly hair. And our boys are just sweet, crazy little men.

Here it is. I love it. She loves it.
And there are a million things I would do different, but she won't let me redo it.
Sigh. A mother's love.


Woodland Fever

On a recent trip, my Mum bought me some new woodland shaped cookie cutters. It's been a bit busy, but I finally had a moment to play with them. And oh man, I am in love! I know the woodland theme is not new, but there is something about it that just calls to you. Maybe it's the lure of the woods..

Then I had to try some bright new colors - I love these! How fun for a spunky little birthday party?

When it came time to do the acorns, I had to make them French. I had to, people! All I could see was little french berets.. Sigh. Kawaii French acorns.

And a field of sunflower cookie pops! Because our Utah hall is too short..

Woodland Fever!

My Matryoshka!

A local artist recently emailed me and placed an order for a few dozen matryoshka cookies for her daughter's first birthday. She sent me an email with the designs she created for the invite and I couldn't wait to dive in to cookiefying them.

How to cut the cookie? I used a snowman and snipped the hat off using the round bottom. Perfect shape! I later found an "8" cutter in my stash that would have been equally awesome.

The fun palette - I love how cheery these colors are. So vibrant and perfect for an adorable birthday girl.

So many tiny dots on all their head coverings.

I love the fun details - delicate, heart lips and bright, big eyes.

I adore these little dolls and hope it was the sweetest of first birthdays!

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