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Happy Halloween!

Sweet Jenny Belle - Halloween Cookies

I have a friend that has done some amazing generous things for me and I really wanted to say thank you. And how do I say thank you? With cookies of course! She has the most adorable little boys that she loves to the moon and back. I thought it would be fun to cookiefy them in their Halloween costumes. What were they going to be? Batman? Vampire? TMNT? 

A vampire squid and head on a plate.
Wait, what?

For a minute I contemplated taking the easy way out and making some generic cookies. Just for a minute and then I dove into this challenge!

Where to start? Well I used a gingerbread boy as a base idea and then Frankensteined it. I use a very sharp knife and added in the extra parts. If your pieces are not smoothed together, don't fret - in the baking process it becomes a solid cookie. 

 The vampire squid was the easiest for me to envision and I usually work my way up. Is that smart or lazy? I'm not sure.. But I do know that I love this little squid shape!

Now when it was time to do the Head On A Plate, I started kicking myself. It dawned on me that he probably wouldn't just be walking around with his on a plate, right? He's probably going to have a table on his shoulders and I didn't cut that out.

So what to do, what to do?

And then my cookie mistake was perfect! I used wafer paper gently accordion folded to be the tablecloth. This is so much better in person and was a fantastic challenge.

Here's the whole set! Happy Halloween to you and your wee goblins!

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