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How To Order

My Etsy Store is now open. Stop by to make a quick purchase!

Place Order
Please place order 2-3 weeks in advance. I will take last minute orders as time allows without extra charge, but I do fill up quickly.

Please email order inquiries at:
In your email inquiry, please include the following information:
*The date needed
*Number of dozens

Cookie Options
Dough Flavors
Traditional Sugar
Chocolate Chip (best for simple shapes)
Strawberry Almond
Holiday Spice
*Dairy free (best for simple shapes)

Royal Icing Flavors
Cocoa (will works for brown and black)

Order inquiries will receive a response within the next business day with details and a quote. Accepted orders will need payment in advance via Paypal or cash.

Cookies will be heat sealed in individual cello wrappers, unless it is requested otherwise. For a minimal fee, they can be hand tied with a coordinating ribbon.
Local orders can make arrangements for pick up at the bakery kitchen in South Jordan.
Deliveries can be added for a fee.

Long distance orders are shipped via USPS Priority and heavily bubble wrapped.
1-2 dozen are typically $14.00 to ship.

The price of a dozen cookies is variable - it depends upon the size and the intricacy of the request. I will work with you on the best designs suited for your budget.

This is a general price range:

Mini - 1.5" (.50 -$1.50)
Small -1.5-2" ($1-$2.50)
Favor - 2-3" ($2 - $4)
Large - 3-4" ($2.50 - $5)

Mixed sets have 1 dozen minimum and start at $36.

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