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Momma Said Eat Your Veggies!

vegetable decorated sugar cookie - sweet jenny belle

When I saw that Cookie Cutter Kingdom came out with vegetable cookie cutters, I knew I had to have them, Aren't they so cute? I think they would be perfect as an edible topper for garden themed cake or cupcake. I am going to create a set for a few of our local family farms. Which one is your favorite?

vegetable decorated sugar cookie - sweet jenny belle
Do you remember these Indian corn cookies that I did last Thanksgiving?  Now I have the perfect cutter for them! I love those colors together. Sigh. Is it fall yet? If you are coming to my class at the Pinners Conference, you can try it out!

I did a quick video of how to create some spring corn cookies. These are pretty easy and a fun cookie to practice your icing consistency. I think these would be a fun dessert for a 4H club or FFA!

I was shocked by how popular this broccoli video was on Instagram. Of course I had a few fans that were not happy that I would decorate a delicious chocolate cookie as broccoli, but these are too fun! I also did a LIVE class on FB showing how to do them. If you would like to hear the in depth instructions, click here!.

Want to know that secret broccoli topping? So easy! Simply crush graham crackers in a ziploc and add some Americolor green gel. Smush it all together and voila, you have broccoli topping!

What do you think? Are some delicious vegetable cookies in your future?
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