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Gingerbread in Kraft Boxes tied in Peppermint Twine..

Truly, is there anything better than the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread during the holidays? I have absolutely fallen in love with making the gingerbread ornaments with a snow white icing. 

I've had them at my shows all this month and they have been so well loved. There is something about the combination that seems to delight the heart.

From bells to houses and Russian nesting dolls, I can not stop making them. This past weekend, I had a booth at Park Silly Holiday and I worked on them the entire time.

While many comment on what appears to be a product of patience, for me it truly has become meditative and comforting.

And I can't fathom putting these away at the end of the season. So you and I are going to have to make Valentine gingerbread decor a new trend ok? Hope you hop on board!

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