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Everything Food Conference

everything food conference  - sweet jenny belle bakery
A few months ago I was scrolling Facebook and saw an ad for the Everything Food Conference. It was going to be held in Salt Lake and was all about food. I mean, how perfect is that? I know I have much to improve upon on my blog and knew there would be amazing information at this conference. And food.

But here's the thing, I have immense trouble at conferences. Am I shy? Maybe. Introverted? Definitely. And I hate trying to sell myself. What to do? One of my most favorite bakers, I Am Baker (Amanda Rettke)  was going to be a speaker and I just couldn't let this opportunity to slip by. And then my amazing friend, Ashlee Marie, was signed up as a speaker too. That was it. I registered as a volunteer and counted the days!

everything food conference

The food was amazing! They worked so hard to make sure that everyone there was completely stuffed full of delicious food from sun up to sun down. We had Waffle Luv for breakfast one day, Kneader's for lunch on another. There was an open (and free!) snack bar at all times. Seriously. I don't know how I am able to zip up my jeans this week. The food was amazing and I'm kind of bitter to be back home and having to cook dinner every night.

But the highlight for me was the opening keynote speaker, Pat Flynn. Are you familiar with his podcasts? I wasn't - I had no idea who he was (sorry Pat!). His speech was powerful and motivating. It focused on why are we doing what we do - to be with our families. 

I've spent these last couple months trying to figure out the best direction for this business. Do I open a storefront? Do I lease a bigger kitchen? What? And Food Network called me and then they changed their minds. And it's been crazy because I didn't have an end goal. I opened my bakery and boom, success landed in my lap. And I'm so appreciative, but it's taken me aback. 

After listening to Pat talk, I knew I had to move and now. Yes, I will continue to sell cookies. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special moments. I am planning on moving my business to focusing more on YOU. I want to bring you better tutorials - real ones that you can walk away from and recreate in your home. I want to bring you the latest materials and tools out there to help us bakers. Because you know what, if you want to make the cookies for your child's birthday - I want to be there to help you. So in some ways my business is not changing and in other ways, it's huge. Don't hold your breath for a store front. If I were to open one, how can I create tutorials for you? I couldn't. We can do anything, but not everything. So sit back and get excited, only more cookie fun is coming!

Did I mention that the conference had amazing food? Yummy! They are planning on another conference next year in May. I hope you will consider coming, I know I'm looking forward to it. No one there believed that I'm introverted. Why? Because I found my people. The food community is warm, supportive and we love to eat. People who love to eat are the best kind of people.

And my new foodie friends helped unlock the secrets of SnapChat for me. Are you on there? Add me! I'm Sweet Jenny Belle, of course. A peek into how I balance homeschooling my beautiful children and making delicious cookies.

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  1. Ahhhh!!! I am so happy I met you!! I am also so proud of you, after reading this post I remember what Alex was saying and Jenny you will accomplish amazing things!! See you soon. I am always commenting on Snap Chat haha. Your kids are gorg and so funny. xxx Andrea Escobar


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