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Halloween Cookies - Witch Cauldrons

witch cauldron cookie tutorial

Halloween Cauldron Cookies

It's no surprise that my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love costumes, candy and the occasional fright. I wish it lasted for longer than a single night. There are so many cookies to be created and themes to have fun with! This year I went classic for my kiddos - they each received a large witch cauldron full of eyeballs and a sweet jack-o-lantern. As much as I love to explore new themes, the classic Halloween motifs are hard to pass up!

classic pumpkin Halloween cookie

My husband is always requesting more sanding sugar on cookies. He loves the sparkle, sweetness and crunch of that extra touch. Both of these have a fair amount of sanding sugar as decoration, but you can leave it out if you prefer.

Today I'm going to walk you through how to create the witch's cauldron. The cookie cutter is from Ann Clark, and it also makes a perfect pot of gold for next St. Patrick's Day! It's over 3" big and is a really good size cookie for a favor at your next bash!

witch halloween cauldron cookies

See! I told you it was easy - your goblins will be enjoying these Halloween cookies in no time. What materials do you need?


  • cauldron cookie
  • dark grey royal icing in a thick flood consistency
  • lime green royal icing in a thick flood consistency
  • Halloween colored sprinkles
  • a few candy eyeballs (mine are from Wilton)
  • black sanding sugar (optional, but it makes them sparkle!!)

Do you need a royal icing recipe? Well, come on over here and read my favorite!  This is the one I make just about every day and love. I know you will love it too!

What are you dressing up for Halloween? I'm a cookie and my husband is a carton of milk. I love it! I'll try to post some pictures on my Facebook page later this week!

And be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I'm going to send some links out on my new favorite kind of icing!

Happy Halloween!
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  1. Wow! What a presentation, according to the occasion Witch Cauldron cookies. Thank you for presenting the idea and also explaining step by step. Jenny thank you for sharing such good idea with all .

  2. Beautiful Halloween cookies idea! Thank you for sharing!

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